OKC Thunder Pregame injury news and update – Adams out, Thompson in

The OKC Thunder  won’t have Steven Adams for the game versus Warriors, but Klay Thompson originally  said to be out will play.

There was no suspense for the OKC Thunder fans whether Steven Adams would play tonight at Oracle when the team announced he had been sent home.  As per Thunderous Intentions previous articles Adams sustained a concussion in the game versus the Kings. Furthermore, Adams will need to pass the onerous testing of the NBA Concussion Protocol Program prior to a return to the court.

For details on exactly what Adams will need to endure, I covered precisely what is required for him to get back on the court: Explanation of NBA Concussion Protocol Program. This article provides clarification of the types of tests Adams will need to pass.

Obviously it’s not ideal to be without Adams, especially versus the Warriors, however the Thunder do luck out in that they won’t play again until next Monday January 23rd.

Brett Dawson’s article punctuates the impact of Adams versus the Warriors:

In three regular-season games against the Warriors last season, the Thunder allowed 104.6 points per 100 possessions with Adams on the floor and 122.4 with him off it. In the teams’ meeting earlier this season, Oklahoma City gave up 114.7 points per 100 possessions in Adams’ 24 minutes and 132.1 in the 24 minutes he was on the bench.

Klay Thompson in or out?

Earlier in the day there was speculation Klay Thompson would not play.  Thompson had taken a flight to Portland to visit with his ill Grandfather:

Then later this afternoon Adrian Wojnarowski updated, Thompson would indeed play:

Regardless of whether Thompson is in the Warriors lineup, this is going to be a tall task for the Thunder.

That said, there has been a tendency for top teams to take their foot off the gas after a particularly tough match-up.

Case in point, the Cavaliers lost to the Pacers following a tough game versus the Raptors and were blown out by Detroit after their Christmas Day win versus the Warriors. Similarly, the Warriors followed up their oust of the Thunder, by getting blown out by the Lakers (117-97).

Granted, Kevin Durant will undoubtedly want to get the win and take advantage of no Steven Adams to embarrass the Thunder.  But, all teams have a tendency to back off when facing a short handed team, so OKC Thunder fans can hope that feeling overrides Durant’s desire.

To get fully prepped for tonight’s tip-off check out Chris Hughes full pregame analysis article.

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