Noah finds out it’s snowing outside and isn’t happy at all

Snow in April? Joakim Noah thinks that's a bunch of bull.

Gary Dineen/NBAE/Getty Images

The harsh winter finally is giving way to full-blown spring in most parts of the country.

Take Boston, for example, where it nearly reached 70 degrees Monday afternoon.

Folks in Chicago haven’t been so lucky, however.

It snowed in the Windy City on Monday, and it was enough to ruin Joakim Noah’s night. The Chicago Bulls center was enjoying himself in the locker room after a 108-95 win over the Orlando Magic, discussing his anticipation of nice weather with reporters, when one media member regretfully informed Noah the city wasn’t through with winter just yet.

Check out the big man’s reaction to the news in the video below. (Warning: Noah uses a bit of salty language.)

At least the Bulls get to play indoors, though. The Red Sox open a three-game series with the White Sox on the frozen tundra of U.S. Cellular Field, with balmy 36-degree temperatures in the forecast for first pitch Tuesday night.

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