Young channels his inner Pondexter

It’s a debate that will live on in infamy: Is Quincy Pondexter a smooth operator or just a geek who asked a girl out over the Internet?

Well, the Philadelphia 76ers’ Nick Young certainly has an opinion, and he’s thoroughly standing behind fellow small-forward-slash-shooting-guard Pondexter.

During a TV interview on Thursday, Young was asked about Pondexter’s Twitter game, and Young insisted that Pondexter’s moves were absolutely legitimate.

“Smooth, smooth,” Young said. “[The Memphis Grizzlies] just made it to the Western Conference finals. They’re on TV. He is the man right now. Gotta strike when you hot right there.”

Young isn’t just talk. He put some weight behind his words when he actually emulated Pondexter. Before going off the air, Young, who is from Los Angeles, made sure he used his airtime to reach out to Miss California. For the record, the current Miss California USA is a young woman by the name of Mabelynn Capeluj.

“Miss California, holla at me,” Young yelled directly into the camera.

From that point on, Young took the advice given to all young athletes and made sure he followed his shot. After the TV appearance, Young took to Twitter to try to get Capeluj’s attention — and actually succeeded.


Young also caught the attention of his hero, the man who paved the way for NBA Twitter dating.


Way to go, Miss Cally. Get ready for a slew of wannabe, horny, Twitter copycats asking out every notable model and pageant winner online.