NHL teams mock new NBA social media mandate

The Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars poked fun this week at the NBA’s newest social media update, attempting to get players and teams to be “nicer” to each other online.

Leave it to other leagues and teams around the sports world to have a little fun, especially at the expense of their counterparts. In this case, the NHL decided to get involved with the NBA’s newest rule this week.

Earlier this week, the NBA sent out a memo to teams in an effort to cut down on trash talking and disrespect online. But as you’ll see, things took a life of their own. It started internally, with the Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings. But it quickly spread to the NHL where the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators had some fun at the NBA’s expense.

It’s exactly what it looks like. The NBA higher-ups sent their teams to the principal’s office, and the other kids in class (see: NHL), mocked them for acting up. Simply beautiful, and all in jest.

For those that missed it, the NBA’s mandate basically is trying to shut down the “mocking and ridiculing” of opponents and game officials on social media. Recent online actions from some teams and players evidently tripped the PR alarms and further activity would result in discipline by the league.

Tim McMahon, who covers the NBA for ESPN in Dallas, posted the original memo. In theory, it could cut down on some of the nonsense that flows over to the court. But as many fans will likely agree. A little rivalry and back-and-forth interaction make for great storylines for a game. But it goes back to the league trying to enforce a “positive and professional” online environment.

What will be interesting now, will be to see how the league seriously responds. Will we see more heated words between players, or will they settle things down and let the basketball court play things out?

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