Robin Lopez talks mascots, answers age-old question — about hot dogs

Robin Lopez is just getting stranger and stranger.

Chris Humphreys/Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks let new starting center Robin Lopez take over the team’s official Twitter handle Monday. Of course, chaos ensued. 

It all started when a fan asked RoLo about his everlasting feud with each NBA mascot in existence. Of course, Lopez justified the dynamic:

But things got weirder, quickly. After some actual normal answers, like when Lopez said his favorite all-time Knicks were Patrick Ewing and Larry Johnson, we got into odd movies.

Like, the weirdest:

"That Darn Cat"? Are you kidding? If we’re going to get into ’90s Ricci, can we throw a "Casper" reference Lopez’s way? That movie had everything. Ghosts, love, Eric Idle, Ben Stein, the social pressures of middle school … I mean, it was basically every under-30s’ childhood.

Where were we? Right, inside Robin Lopez’s mind, where Twitter questions remained just as strange:

New goal: Knicks fans need to watch "Casper" and eat hot dogs with Robin Lopez. But mascots probably aren’t invited.

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