Phil Jackson on Derek Fisher: ‘Maybe I stepped back too far last year’

Phil Jackson made a point not to meddle during his first year creating a president-coach relationship with first-year bench leader Derek Fisher last season. Maybe that’ll change in the upcoming season.

Here’s more from Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal:

Surely, Fisher is trying to improve on a first season during which he witnessed his team win a grand total of just 17 games, but that doesn’t mean he’s pouring his strategies out for the public to hear. It appears the only thing we can say that the Knicks coach has changed for sure is his face.

It was difficult to tell if Fisher actually did a good job last year. The Knicks just didn’t have enough talent to evaluate anyone properly. 

Was their awful screen setting a product of their enforced-from-the-top system? Was it because of their extreme lack of talent? Was it because of Fisher’s coaching? Was their unimaginative offense because they kept cycling non-NBA players in and out of the lineup and roster, and they couldn’t implement creative movement because of that? It’s nearly impossible to tell from the outside.

The one impressive part of Fisher’s game last year: That he didn’t blow up. Not once. Any normal person would have. Phil Jackson, the ultimate promoter of relaxation and calmness, must appreciate that as much as anyone.

(h/t Herring)

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