New York Knicks No Longer Playoff Contenders

The New York Knicks hit a new low this past weekend dropping back-to-back games, essentially taking them out of the playoff hunt.

A weekend that probably gave New York Knicks fans nightmares as the team has all but been eliminated from playoff contention.

With New York’s record now a woeful 26-41, ranking them the seventh-worst in the league, Knicks fans should be prepared to watch an unexciting array of tanking basketball for the rest of this season.

The miserable weekend started on Saturday as New York was dominated on the road against the Detroit Pistons.

Long Island native Tobias Harris led all scorers with 28 points in the 112-92 victory that saw Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony contribute 13 points on only nine field goal attempts.

Starting point guard Derrick Rose notably before the game surprisingly expressed interest to the media to taking more of Phil Jackson‘s “triangle classes.”

The former league MVP has had his issues adjusting to the offense when pushed by head coach Jeff Hornacek, but seems to have a found a desire to learn under the 11-time NBA champion during his pre-game interview.

“I think it went well. Then again, when someone like Phil comes and talks to you and shows you things, you have to pay attention, It’s always an honor when a person like that, a guy like that, gives you his time. I think it was helpful. But then again, it was only one day so. Hopefully he comes back the next couple of days or next week and shows us some more things.”

“He won championships with it so of course there’s a difference, He’s more detailed. He’s real specific about the way you enter a wall, the way that you cut, his terminology is different.”

The controversy surrounding the importance of Hornacek to Rose had to take a back seat for a while as the Knicks returned to action in Brooklyn Sunday.

The Brooklyn Nets, saddled with the NBA’s worst record, welcomed the struggling Knicks to Barclays on a special “Biggie Night” in honor of the late Brooklyn rapper Notorious B.I.G, murdered 20 years ago.

The Nets outplayed and outworked New York taking the victory 120-112 leaving more questions than answers for the entire team. Kristaps Porzingis rarely expresses negativity in interviews was very opinionated about the team’s game planning with the media post game.

“We’ve been switching things up. Never at any point in this season, we played like we wanted to. So it was always like, ‘Maybe this will work. Maybe this will work, So we were kind of looking for stuff and coaches they obviously try to do the best job they can and giving us as much as they can so we have the information. But we never really got it together and were able to execute the way we should have. It’s been a lot of confusion.”

“First of all, we don’t really know the triangle that well. We’re really basic with what we do, So a lot of times, it’s basically one-on-one. Whoever it is. Me, Carmelo, Derrick, Courtney. We just try to make something happen. And that’s not how it’s supposed to be. It’s very random.”

Frustration abounds for the Knicks squad many thought would be a lock for a playoff spot after several moves last off season.

The team is literally falling apart on and off the court and no one seems to have the answers or solutions to fix the dysfunctional.

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