Why Knicks should contemplate trading for Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose might be the right fit in New York.

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It’s one of the best times of the year in the NBA. We’re closing in on the trade deadline, and there are many big names being tossed around for potential blockbuster deals. Today I will be focusing on Derrick Rose’s potential future away from the Chicago Bulls.

Many teams want to be in on the Rose sweepstakes, but so far we’ve only heard rumors involving a few teams. Recently we’ve heard more and more about how Rose would be a good fit for the New York Knicks. Imagine the hype the Knicks would receive if Derrick Rose called Madison Square Garden home. Rose’s comments to the media over the past months hint that he’s all about money. He wants to go to a team that is willing to give him a max contract, and that’s not going to happen in Chicago.

Rose has had plenty of success for the Bulls over the years, but I believe it’s time to move on from Chicago. The former NBA MVP has had more than his share of injury issues, which have resulted in his not being the same player he was several years ago. From his time at Memphis, people knew he would be a special player, but a slew of injuries early in his young career may have changed his potential max skill level. Rose’s contract expires at the end of the 2016-17 season, but with the emergence of Jimmy Butler as an NBA star, Rose’s time in Chicago appears to be ending sooner rather than later.

Why does this make sense for the New York Knicks?

The Knicks need a starting point guard they can count on. They’ve been linked to multiple rumors involving Brandon Jennings, Jamal Crawford, Ty Lawson and even Kevin Martin. In order to take the next step, the Knicks need a substantial point guard to run the show, and Rose could fill that void. I think a Knicks roster that was revolved around Carmelo Anthony as a stretch forward and Rose at the point would be an immediate contender in a relatively poor Eastern Conference.

Why does this make sense for the Chicago Bulls?

Butler would flourish with Rose out of the picture. Imagine a Bulls team that features Butler as the main leader and star player, a good frontcourt that includes Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and Bobby Portis, and role players who can shoot like Doug McDermott and Aaron Brooks. That’s a team destined for a deep playoff run. That’s a team that utilizes role players to their fullest extent.

The Bulls will look to move Rose for various reasons, and that will most likely happen sooner rather than later. The Knicks are in desperate need of a starting point guard and a big-time player to have alongside Anthony, and trading for Rose would fit both those descriptions. My trade projection is as follows:

Knicks receive: Derrick Rose

Bulls receive: Jose Calderon, Arron Afflalo, 2019 second-round pick (from Cleveland)

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