NBA scout: Knicks didn’t get better on defense this summer

Robin Lopez will try his hardest to make sure the Knicks defense improves.
Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

The Knicks posted the worst season in franchise history last year when they ended 17-65.

Throughout the summer, much of the Knicks-related conversation turned to the triangle offense under Phil Jackson, but New York had plenty of other issues to solve, too, many of them on the defensive end. So, the Knicks tried their best to fix their issues on both sides of the floor. But one NBA scout doesn't think they accomplished that.

Sports Illustrated took the time to anonymously interview opposing scouts, who were given the opportunity to evaluate teams. And the pro talking about the Knicks was unimpressed with their potential defensive improvement:

The Knicks finished 28th in points allowed per possession last year, just ahead of the Lakers and Timberwolves, respectively, so they can't get much worse. More importantly, though, this is a completely different roster.

Arron Afflalo is an overvalued defender who's past his prime, but he's likely better than the smattering of garbage the Knicks had at the 2 a year ago. Robin Lopez is a clear upgrade on Andrea Bargnani or Jason Smith or whichever other bigs were tasked with anchoring last season's defense. Same goes for Kyle O'Quinn. The Knicks won't be good, but maybe they can actually be a little better.

We talk about the triangle, but they really needed to get better on defense. Did they? I don’t think so.

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