Carmelo Anthony on possible trade demand: ‘Already came this far’

Carmelo Anthony sounds committed to the New York Knicks.

If someone asked you in front of your boss if you would ever interview for another job behind his or her back, what would your answer be? 

a) Totally! My job is the worst!

b) I would if this place went in the tank.

c) Hell no!

You’re choosing option C every time, right? Even if it’s not true. Your boss is right there. Why in the world would you say anything else?

Carmelo Anthony is apparently going with the most aggressive response, too. 

From Frank Isola of the New York Daily News and Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal:

In the end, this really doesn’t mean much, especially since Anthony has a no-trade clause and really holds all the leverage here, as noted by Isola. Also, chances are he won’t want to get traded this season anyway, considering he has a 15 percent trade kicker which wouldn’t go into effect until next season.

There’s also the emotional toll. Anthony’s got a family with a kid and wife who are stationed in New York. He just re-signed a year ago. He knew the position the organization would be in when he came back. He’s not just going to pick up and desert the Knicks this quickly. But in the coming years, who knows?

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