Could the Knicks pull off a trade for Jeff Teague?

Teague is one of the NBA's better point guards.
Jesse Johnson

The Knicks need a point guard more than anything else, but should they risk their future in order to go get one? 

ESPN’s Ian Begley tweeted out one possibility Wednesday afternoon:

Getting Teague sounds just lovely, but the chances of it happening seem low, purely based on trade logic. It’ll be tough for New York to find the assets to unload to get him.

The Knicks would need to give away another asset just to get rid of Jose Calderon, who is owed $7.7 million next season. So, he’s likely out of the picture in a deal for one of the NBA’s 10 or 12 best point guards. Giving away Robin Lopez doesn’t make sense since the Hawks already have Paul Millsap and Al Horford. Giving away Arron Afflalo doesn’t make sense either, considering he doesn’t exactly play Atlanta’s brand of basketball. He’s not much of a passer and loves to hang around the post and midrange. Those aren’t Hawksy attributes at all.

Lance Thomas is a quality, young player, but he’s a free agent after this year. Same goes for Langston Galloway. So, what would the Hawks be able to get for Teague from the Knicks? Some salary and a 2018 first-round pick, which may not even be that high given the future New York has with the great Kristaps Porzingis in town. That’s not too enticing.