New Year’s Resolutions for Each of the Indiana Pacers in 2017

In the spirit of the new year upon us, here are ways that each one of the Indiana Pacers could improve their game in 2017.

We all could improve ourselves in some form. Whether you want to hit the gym more, start dieting, talk to your loved ones more or just try to be a better person overall, the new year is always a good time to find the motivation to make a change.

The Indiana Pacers, currently sitting at a game below .500, could do the same. Despite their impressive win against the Orlando Magic on January 1, there is definitely room for improvement for each Pacer on the roster. In the New Year’s spirit, let’s keep this light-hearted and not too critical.

Without further ado:

Paul George: An article just went up today about George’s biggest flaw this season, but long story short, he needs to attack the rim more often. Also, if his New Year’s Resolution could be to sign an extension this summer, I wouldn’t mind that instead.

Jeff Teague: Teague has filled his role quite well recently and has particularly been a maestro in the passing game as of late. The only complaint at this point are the 3-point shooting numbers, which remain below 30%, the lowest since his rookie year. Hopefully, he can push back closer to his 40% average last season in 2017, but it’s hard to gripe when he’s been such a wonderful offensive weapon as of late.

Myles Turner: Another player that is hard to critique right now considering his recent play, Turner started his 2017 off with a huge performance in the Pacers’ win over the Magic. His resolution should probably be to remain relaxed and calm on his 3-point shooting, and avoiding the tendency to rush his shot. His long-distance shooting has been coming along nicely in the past few weeks, and he has to remain on track.

Thaddeus Young: This one is easy. Young has to figure out this funk at the free throw line. Young is shooting 52.3% from the line this season, which is by far his lowest percentage ever. He’s hovered around the 65-70% range his entire career, so it’s a mystery as to why he’s struggled with the Pacers. Regardless, he needs to find a way to improve in 2017.

Glenn Robinson III: Robinson must resolve to find his place in the Pacers’ starting lineup, because he gets closer and closer to locking up the spot permanently each game. He hasn’t done a bad job so far, even notching a double-double in Friday’s win against the Bulls. Continuing to find his place with the starters should be Robinson’s main objective in 2017.

Monta Ellis: Ellis’ resolution should probably be adjusting and finding a way to be a dynamic player as a sixth man, because that seems to be his spot in the rotation moving forward. Ellis definitely has the potential to be a dangerous scorer against bench defenses, but he has to buy into the role.

Al Jefferson: Jefferson’s New Year’s Resolution has to involve consistency. Jefferson is able to provide solid scoring as the backup 5 and proves that often, such as last night’s win vs the Magic where he scored 12 points. However, he’s had just as many games where he’s unable to get anything going offensively. Consistency is key, and needed in 2017 for a bench frontcourt that isn’t so sure of itself right now.

C.J. Miles: Miles is once again on fire from 3 heading into the new year. Currently sitting at 41.7%, he’s well on his way to his first season shooting above 40% from deep. He has to avoid the New Year’s slump he hit last year, though. If he can resolve to maintain his current efficiency from behind the arc, it’ll do the Pacers wonders heading into the long months ahead.

Rodney Stuckey: Get healthy. Please. 2017 will be a much better year for the Pacers if Stuckey can provide energy off of the bench.

Aaron Brooks: Brooks, much like Jefferson, should be heading into 2017 hoping for consistency. Despite his impressive performance yesterday against the Magic, Brooks had been in a slump from 3 over the past few weeks. He’s gotta move past that and remain a constant threat from deep off of the bench- he and Miles are the only real weapons the bench has from long range.

Joe Young/Kevin Seraphin/Lavoy Allen/Georges Niang/Rakeem Christmas: Be ready. Who knows what 2017 might bring? Keep fighting in practice for the right to be on the floor. For the young guys, if you get sent off to Fort Wayne, take advantage of your opportunities there. Your chance will come. but you have to be ready for it.

And, perhaps most importantly…

Pacers fans: R-E-L-A-X. This season has been stressful, no doubt, but this is a team that’s developing with a new coach and a team that’s faced a lot of injuries to begin the season. They’re currently the 8th seed, and only a few games behind a home-court spot. Things can easily turn for the better, so just sit back and see what happens. Basketball is supposed to be a joy in our lives- not a burden. Have fun and enjoy as much basketball as you can in 2017.

Hopefully, the Pacers can provide some of that enjoyment over the next 364 days.

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