Magic’s Jason Smith planning ‘Yo Momma’ jokes for Pelicans’ Ryan Anderson

Anderson (left) and Smith (right) during a 2013 game for New Orleans.
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor/USA TODAY Sports

When asked what he plans to do during his matchup Monday night with New Orleans’ big man Ryan Anderson, Orlando’s Jason Smith had an interesting reply.

"I’ll see if I can get into his head with a little ‘Your Momma’ jokes," said Smith, via the Orlando Sentinel

Smith, now with the Magic, played with Anderson in New Orleans. The two became close friends in the face of tragedy. In 2013, Anderson’s girlfriend was pronounced dead after suicide-related trauma. According to, Smith was there to help Anderson with many tasks — including help with errands. 

"For me, Jason will forever be one of those guys who is a near and dear friend,’’ said Anderson, in the report. "He’s been there for me in the great times and the not-so-great times. He’s just been a great, supportive guy — one of the best teammates that I’ve ever had." 

Smith’s recent joking comments were in response to a jab Anderson had made earlier this year, before the Magic faced the Pelicans for the first time this season.

"His mom makes some of the WORST meals," said Anderson, via

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