Buzz: Pelicans mascot is scary

New Orleans’ NBA franchise played its first home game as the Pelicans Wednesday, and that meant the introduction of a new mascot. This is that mascot:


If that’s a pelican, it’s not like any pelican I’ve ever seen before. The thing is nightmare-inducing, and if I didn’t know better, I’d say it was simply a cruel Halloween costume meant to scare small children at New Orleans Arena.

But apparently, the team is keeping it, so that means we’ll have to get used to it. Fortunately for Pierre, there’s some precedent for such things, and these mascots should serve as proof that even the creepiest and most horrifying mascots can eventually gain acceptance…



Western Kentucky:

Oklahoma State:

Saint Louis:

Pierre also has plenty of strange company in the professional ranks, as well…

Washington Wizards:

Colorado Rockies:

Cincinnati Reds:

Dallas Cowboys:

Columbus Blue Jackets:

Of course, none of that is to say that Pierre the Pelican will ever catch on — heck, not even everyone likes the Pelicans nickname to begin with — but on a day when anyone can get away with dressing up as anything, I think it’s fair to remind him that there’s still hope for his future.

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