Eric Gordon’s latest stat line hadn’t happened in nearly 30 years

How did Eric Gordon do what he did during Wednesday night's game?

Robert Hanashiro/Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

New Orleans Pelicans shooting guard Eric Gordon isn’t having a bad season by any stretch. He’s the second most accurate 3-point shooter in the league, and has consistently posted decent numbers on an injury-depleted team still hanging around in the Western Conference’s playoff race. 

But in Wednesday’s two-point loss against the Houston Rockets, Gordon’s box score was so unbelievably bad that no NBA player has matched it in nearly 30 years, per In 42 minutes of "action," Gordon failed to make one basket, grab one rebound or sneak one steal. Donuts. (He did dish three assists, so there’s that.)

He ended up with six points (all earned at the free-throw line), but just think about how downright difficult it is to be on the floor that long and not tally a single basket, rebound or steal. Not to pile on, but put yourself, a non-professional athlete, in that spot tomorrow night, with 42 minutes on an NBA court to notch yourself at least one of those traditional statistical marks that proves you played in the game. Think you could you do it? 

(h/t: /r/NBA – Reddit)