New Lakers GM Rob Pelinka explains how he’ll prove he’s not Rob Lowe

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka answered a series of questions from fans Thursday, but one of the most lingering had nothing to do with basketball. Pelinka was asked about his uncanny resemblance to actor Rob Lowe, a question that Pelinka must have been asked countless times judging by his straight-faced answer.

But Pelinka offers a way to definitively prove that he and Lowe are actually two different people.

“So I have an idea to end this whole Rob Lowe debate that I get asked daily,” Pelinka said in the video. “I heard he was a huge Lakers fan so maybe we need to get him to a game so that people can see in real time that there’s actually two totally different people. Hopefully that would work and put an end to the debate.”

Pelinka, who was introduced as the team’s GM earlier this month, breaks a smile at the end of the video, giving us a brief hint that he’s in on the joke. But is it really a burden to resemble an 80s heartthrob?

Pelinka’s boyish looks might fade quickly as he tries to turn around a franchise that appears headed for its fourth consecutive sub-30-win season.