Nets walk off court before finishing game, Kidd has to track them down

Gregg Popovich and Jason Kidd were all smiles before the game. Few Nets were smiling afterward.

D. Clarke Evans/NBAE/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets just can’€™t buy a win. Or a team. Or a break.

It’€™s been a dismal, disastrous season for the squad so far, and we’€™re not even at the All-Star break yet. As of this post, the Nets are 10-21, just a half game out of last place in an Atlantic Division replete with underachievers. (The New York Knicks happen to be the dead-last team in that group, which is about the only thing the Nets have going for them right now.)

So what were we expecting to happen to the Nets when they faced off against the defending Western Conference champion San Antonio Spurs on the last day of 2013?

A loss. We were definitely expecting a loss.

We just didn’€™t see it ending this way exactly. Warning: This is pretty painful to watch:

You could almost forgive the Nets for giving up and walking away from the game early, right? They were down by 21 points, with less than one second left to play in what was about to become their 21st loss of season. It€’s ugly, and it’€™s hard to sit through. Trust us.

But these guys are supposed to be professionals. And when your coach –€“ even if you’€™re unfortunate enough for it to be Jason Kidd –€“ has to chase you down in the locker room and back onto the court to finish taking your lumps, you know you’€™re plumbing new depths.

For his part, Kidd told the New York Post that his team legitimately "œthought the game was over" –€“ not just virtually, but, like, officially.

"€œThere was no confusion,"€ he told the paper. "€œThey thought the game was over, but unfortunately there was 0.2 seconds left."€

Yes, Coach. Unfortunately for us all.

That’s how it’s been all year for the Nets. Let’€™s recap some of the team’s€™ misery, shall we?

• Star forward Kevin Garnett trash-talks "€œFather Time."€

• But first, KG and Kidd reportedly took it out on the team.

• Nets games aren’€™t for children’€™s ears:

• But Nets games are perfect for football tackles and ejections:

• Brooklyn’€™s coaching staff isn’™t faring much better.

Especially this guy: