Nets’ Quincy Acy Deserves Another 10-Day Contract

The Brooklyn Nets signed energetic forward Quincy Acy to a 10-day contract on January 9th. His contract expires the 19th, which is before Brooklyn’s next game. Will Acy be on the roster going forward?

The Brooklyn Nets signed power forward and energy man Quincy Acy to a 10-day contract on January 9th, the same day they released Anthony Bennett. Acy has seen very limited time since he signed said contract, but has he played well enough in his time to get another contract?

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For starters, Acy has only played in four of the five game he has been with the team. One of those games, the first one against the Atlanta Hawks, he played a lone minute on the night.

Despite his lack of playing time, Acy has done a heck of a job producing in the time he is given. In the first game against the Hawks ,Acy played one minute. In that minute, Acy scored four points and got a rebound.

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Acy, in the first matchup against the Raptors, played only five minutes. Again, in that five minutes, he outdid himself. Acy tossed up nine points on 3-of-3 shooting and grabbed two rebounds.

Acy got his most action yet on Sunday against the Houston Rockets. He saw 20 minutes of action and scored nine points on 2-of-6 shooting. Acy also brought down four rebounds and had an impressive blocked shot.

In his finale, again against the Raptors, Acy saw only three minutes of playing time. In those three minutes Acy scored five points to go along with his one rebound.

Three of the four games Acy has partaken in, he has scored more points than minutes played. He comes in and plays his heart out and brings energy to the floor. Why coach Atkinson did not use him when the team was struggling puzzles Nets fans, but it is clear he brings the energy.

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For a team that is 8-33, you need a guy that can come in and bring the team up when they are down. He will fight for the rebounds, he will play good and aggressive defense and he will score you some points as well.

Sean Marks found Sean Kilpatrick right around this time last season, and most fans would agree that was a good find. Now Acy is in that boat. Playing game by game, soaking up whatever minutes possible just to see another 10-day contract.

It is easy to see that Acy deserves a chance to play more NBA minutes, but does Sean Marks and the Nets front office see that? It would be wise to bring him back, Brooklyn needs some energy and fun. What do they really have to lose by giving a good guy a good chance? Especially when he is playing pretty darn well.

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