NBA’s Kevin Martin defaults on California mortgage

NBA player Kevin Martin has defaulted on mortgage payments on a

house in California.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Martin owes about $44,000 in

late payments and received a notice of default – the first step in

a possible foreclosure. He bought the 5,000-square-foot home in

Rocklin for $1.9 million in July 2007.

His attorney says Martin has no intention of walking away from

what he owes but is in a legal dispute with the lender as he

pursues a short sale on the property.

The home is currently listed for $1.1 million. A short sale

means if someone buys the home at that price, the lender could take

a loss.

The Sacramento Kings traded Martin in February. He currently

plays for the Houston Rockets and will earn $10 million this


Information from: The Sacramento Bee,