NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat Willing To Deal Hassan Whiteside?

NBA trade rumors indicate the Miami Heat would be willing to move Hassan Whiteside for the right price. Would they really ship off their $98 million man before the 2017 NBA trade feadline?

With the 2016-17 NBA season past the midway mark and the trade deadline just around the corner, the rumor mill has been working overtime.

Even Miami Heat big man Hassan Whiteside has been mentioned as a potential trade candidate.

In a recent podcast, ESPN’s Zach Lowe had this to say about the situation (via the Sun Sentinel):

“I think the Heat are open for business. Up and down the roster, literally every player. No one is untouchable, not even Hassan Whiteside, by a longshot.”

On the surface, it seems crazy to think the Heat would consider moving Whiteside after re-signing him to a monster deal this past offseason. I mean, when you give a guy a four-year, $98.4 million contract, you’re expecting him to be your franchise player for the foreseeable future.

Now bear in mind that there were follow-up reports (via the Palm Beach Post) indicating the Heat aren’t actively shopping Whiteside. However, that doesn’t mean a trade is impossible–these days, nothing is impossible when it comes to moving NBA players.

I’d imagine team president Pat Riley would consider trading his big man if the right offer came across his desk. After all, we have seen crazier things happen in recent years.

That begs the question of what it would take to get Miami to part with Whiteside? I would venture to guess they’d need at least a star and a couple of role players in return (just to make the salary situation work), as well as draft considerations.

Particularly given the Heat’s lack of future draft assets, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind adding some future picks in a potential trade.

Honestly, I’m not sure any team is willing to make that dramatic of a move right now, though. Parting with that many assets for one player is always a risky move, especially for a contender.

And yet, imagine what they’d be getting so someone made a deal happen. In 28 games this season, Whiteside has 17.4 points, 14.3 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game.

His shooting percentage of 55.5 is down from his previous years with the Heat, but that can likely be chalked up to increased usage. Put simply, it’s easy to see why other teams would interested in bringing him aboard.

Realistically, I wouldn’t expect this team to seriously consider trading Whiteside, though. The Heat let Dwyane Wade walk so they could re-sign Whiteside, and they won’t let that be in vain. More than anything, I believe Lowe was trying to prove a point that Miami is ready to make a deal.

Then again, you never know. If a contender desperate for a dominant big man offered a king’s ransom for Whiteside, I would guess Riley would at least ponder the possibilities. It’s not like he’s going to help them make the playoffs this season.

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