Colin Cowherd: The three remaining trade deadline deals that make the most sense

Despite the disappointment that was the Slam Dunk Contest, the NBA All-Star break managed to give us a couple thrills: Anthony Davis scoring a record 52 points in the All-Star Game, then the Sacramento Kings giving him DeMarcus Cousins as a new teammate.

OK, maybe the thrills mostly belong to fans in New Orleans. But the rest of us got something good to talk about. Now with less than 48 hours left before Thursday’s trade deadline, we’re looking excitedly at what next big deal can be made. And Colin Cowherd has identified three that make the most sense, and broke them down Tuesday on “The Herd”.

Derrick Rose to Minnesota for Ricky Rubio

Phil Jackson apparently wants to dump Carmelo Anthony, but might have to settle for dealing his other overpaid, underachieving star. For the Wolves, taking on Rose’s expiring contract would be worth it to get out from under the final two years of Rubio’s.

“You’re bringing in Derrick Rose for 25 games. That’s all you’re bringing him in for, then you can get rid of him,” Cowherd said.

Jimmy Butler to Boston for a first-round draft pick


The Celtics need a star like Butler if they even want to dream of beating the Cavs. The Bulls, meanwhile, have done a poor job of building around their star scorer.

“I’d give up a No. 1 pick, I would give up Marcus Smart … whatever you have to do to get that done,” Cowherd said. “Then you’d have an A-player in Isaiah Thomas, and an A-player in Jimmy Butler and a B-player in Al Horford. And an A-coach. That’s viable. I think the league would like that as well.”

Lou Williams to Washington for a first-round pick

UPDATE: Looks like the Wiz may be too late:

Despite their early struggles, the Wizards have surpassed the Raptors for No. 3 in the East, so they’re all in for the playoffs. They need another scorer, and the rebuilding Lakers need another draft pick.

“Between John Wall and Bradley Beal, if you could add another shooter that ensures they get to the second round, it may push them over the top to get another playoff series win. I would approve this,” Cowherd said. “I would give up a draft pick; a first-round pick. Because your first-round pick right now for Washington is what? You’re a playoff team. Approved, Lou Williams to the Wizards.”

One deal that Cowherd can’t green-light is Anthony to the Cavs, Clippers or Lakers because it doesn’t make sense for any of those teams. The Lakers need young guys who play defense, the Clippers need someone who can shoot threes against the Warriors, and the Cavs could use a perimeter defender.

“What you could not use is an old guy on a banana boat with LeBron James who doesn’t defend anybody, doesn’t play really hard all the time, I still don’t think he’s in world-class shape and that (Finals) series is going to be a track meet, and frankly he won’t step outside and hit threes, and you’ve got enough three shooters,” Cowherd said. “Denied!”

Skip Bayless disagrees, though. He thinks the Cavs should trade Kevin Love for Anthony straight up. Watch the video below to find out why.