NBA Trade Deadline: Los Angeles Lakers Shouldn’t Make Any Moves

Everyone assumes the Los Angeles Lakers are searching far and wide for a blockbuster trade leading up to the 2017 NBA trade deadline. The smart move would be to stand pat, though.

As is the case every year, the Los Angeles Lakers have been mentioned quite often leading up to the 2017 NBA trade deadline. However, if they know what’s good for them, the front office will avoid making any big moves before Feb. 23.

Realistically, the Lakers aren’t going to contend this season. An eighth seed isn’t completely out of the question, but they simply aren’t going any further than the first round. So why make some bold, brash decision to trade away one of their promising young players for a star?

Instead, Los Angeles should take a page out of the Philadelphia 76ers‘ playbook. Yes, I’m saying they should trust the process and continue to let their young guns develop together as a team.

The Lakers have tried the whole building via trade/free agency in the past, and look where it got them. No one wants to see another Steve Nash debacle.

We’ve seen the potential this team has when everyone is healthy. With three former Top 10 picks, this franchise has to be excited about what the future holds.

Imagine if D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Brandon Ingram all start playing up to their potential–we could be looking at a Big 3 (or Big 4 with Jordan Clarkson) in Los Angeles.

So why trade one of those guys away? The Lakers have spent the last few years reaping the draft-related rewards of being bad. They might as well see what it leads to.

It’s also important to let rookie head coach Luke Walton work his magic with this roster. The potential is sky high with these youngsters, but they’re still raw, unpolished, and need time to make the jump.

It took three seasons (or two?) in the NBA for Randle to take the next step in his development–imagine where Russell and Ingram will be in a couple of years.

There are only two reasons I would encourage a trade: 1. it’s an absolute steal or 2. they’re parting with a role player for significant draft picks. Especially with their 2017 first-round pick likely headed to Philadelphia this offseason, the Lakers could use some extra draft-day ammunition.

I don’t see the whole “steal” thing happening, so I won’t even detail a possible scenario.

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak already made it clear to Spectrum’s Mike Bresnahan that he doesn’t expect to make a move. He also mentioned the phones have already been ringing, but that the team isn’t actively pursuing a deal.

While everything an NBA GM says must be taken with a grain of salt, it seemed like a concrete comment. It’s for the best if it is true, though.

This team needs to focus on building upon home-grown talent instead of pinning their hopes on someone else’s superstar. They’ve already given up too many draft picks doing exactly that–it’s time for this team to do it the right way.

Make smart decisions during the draft, and add the occasional free agent or two to provide that veteran presence.

Trade or not, the future is bright for this Lakers team. It may take more patience than fans of the front office want, but their time will come eventually. For now, though, they should avoid getting desperate and making another ill-advised trade.

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