Grading all NBA deadline day trades

The NBA’s trade deadline was a disappointment for fans hoping to see any real shakeup of a contending team’s roster. But there were still a handful of deals that got done, some of which may affect how things turn out as we wind down the regular season. 

Here’s a look at all of the deadline day trades, along with a grade for each team involved.

Cavaliers get Channing Frye in three-team trade with Magic, Blazers

Cleveland got out from under Anderson Varejao’s deal, while adding a player who could help them in a Finals matchup with the Warriors. The Magic created a ton of cap space for the summer, and the Blazers received a 2018 first-round pick for their troubles.

Cavaliers: B+

Magic: C-

Blazers: B

Suns trade Markieff Morris to the Wizards

It’s a small miracle that the Suns were able to get anything of value in exchange for Markieff Morris. But the disgruntled power forward turned it on under interim head coach Earl Watson in the days leading up to the deadline, and the Wizards came away with a player on an extremely reasonable contract who might now be motivated to produce in a new situation.

Suns: B

Wizards: B+

Heat trade Jarnell Stokes to Pelicans, Brian Roberts to Blazers.

This was about getting under the luxury tax line for the Heat, and these moves accomplished that. Sending second-round picks and cash in order to do so was a small price to pay, and it’s unclear yet if any of these borderline guys will help at all in their new situations.

Heat: A

Blazers: B

Pelicans: B-

Jazz send second-round pick to Atlanta in exchange for Shelvin Mack.

Mack’s role had been extremely limited with the Hawks this season, so perhaps reuniting him with Gordon Hayward — his college teammate at Butler — may give him a bit of a spark. The cost was minimal for Utah, and even though this is a relatively minor transaction, it could be considered a small win for both sides. 

Jazz: C+

Hawks: C+

Pistons acquire Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton in trade from Rockets.

Montiejunas hasn’t been that healthy this season, and Thornton hasn’t been all that good. But Detroit gave up as close to nothing as possible to take a flyer on some potentially talented players who could thrive in the right roles in a new situation. 

Pistons: B

Rockets: C

Bulls trade Kirk Hinrich to Hawks.

After Atlanta traded Shelvin Mack to the Jazz, there was an opening on the roster for a backup point guard. And Kirk Hinrich was available for a second-round pick, which essentially meant he was free if you simply asked. His production is nowhere close to being off the charts, but the 12-year veteran knows his role, and should be able to step in fairly quickly to do whatever is asked.

Hawks: C+

Bulls: C-

Clippers trade Lance Stephenson to Grizzlies for Jeff Green.

Green should be much more valuable on the court for the Clippers than Stephenson was, but the fact that he’ll be an unrestricted free agent this summer is a bit worrisome considering that L.A. gave up a (lottery-protected) first-round pick to get him. It’s a move aimed at winning now, and should help in that regard. As for the Grizzlies, they seem to be doing their best to add as many misfits as possible to the roster.

Clippers: C+

Grizzlies: C-

Thunder acquire Randy Foye in trade with Nuggets.

Foye is a veteran who could help Oklahoma City as a shooter in some of the team’s lineups. But this is far from a blockbuster, or even a slam dunk in terms of plugging in someone who will definitely work. The price of Steve Novak, D.J. Augustin and some second-round picks was minimal, though, so if the Thunder believe they were able to get an upgrade here, it didn’t cost them much. Denver is in it for the draft picks, so getting assets for someone like Foye in the middle of a lost season absolutely makes plenty of sense. 

Thunder: B-

Nuggets: B+