NBA Trade Deadline reaction…in GIFs

The NBA trade deadline is heating up.

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We’ve got season-altering trades across the board, so it’s only right that we deliver our trade grades for the biggest trades of the day, GIF-style.

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Here we go!



Clippers acquire Marcus Morris, Isaiah Thomas (released)

Wizards acquire Jerome Robinson

Knicks acquire Moe Harkless, 2020 first-round pick


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The Clippers were favored to come out of the West before Thursday. Now, it’s official: they are the overwhelming favorite and the best team in LA.

Not only have they bolstered their depth, they’ve added a veteran scorer and defender without giving up a major contributor.

Landry Shamet was thought to be on the trade block, but somehow, Jerry West and the Clippers were able to keep the young sharpshooter while adding another wing defender in Morris.

Advantage, LAC.



Timberwolves acquire D’Angelo Russell, Jacob Evans, Omari Spellman

Warriors acquire Andrew Wiggins, 2021 protected first-round pick, 2021 second-round pick


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Russell and Wiggins are both guys who haven’t have a ton of success in terms of winning, so both should be relieved by this trade.

Wiggins will now be a legit third option on a team with a championship pedigree in place. He won’t be asked to lead, just score and defend. That’s it.

Russell, on the other hand, will be asked to lead, but at least he’ll be playing with a close friend – Karl Anthony-Towns – in city with low expectations for its NBA franchise.

He was a rental in Golden State. Now, he will have his own team, an all-star big and be in a low-pressure situation.



Cavs acquire Andre Drummond

Pistons acquire Brandon Knight, John Henson, second-round pick


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We’re…not…really…sure about this one.

The Cavs have big guys in Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love, meaning this has to be the last season in Cleveland for one of the two, presumably Thompson. Drummond is the league’s best rebounder, but he’s never affected winning in Detroit.

He is young, and he only has this season and next season left on his contract, so in the end, it makes some sense for Cleveland.

For Detroit, this was just a money-drop, in what appears to be a rebuilding effort.



Heat acquire Andre Iguodala, Jae Crowder, Solomon Hill

Grizzlies acquire Dion Waiters, Justice Winslow, James Johnson


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Andre Iguodala was a hot topic entering this trade deadline and he was moved to a contender. He got his wish.

But does he move that contender closer to contending? Not exactly.

Iguodala is a 36-year old veteran forward who last played in the NBA Finals this past June. He’s refused to take the court for the Memphis Grizzlies this season.

He does give the Heat some extra depth and leadership, but few think he’s the piece to get the Heat past Toronto and Milwaukee.