NBA Standings: Golden State Warriors start February on top

The Golden State Warriors begin the month of February on top of the Western Conference and with the best record in the NBA.

The month of January has come and gone in the NBA and it was a great month for the Golden State Warriors. The team continued to extend their lead atop the Western Conference and across the league. They got a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and a couple of big ones over the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets.

Entering February, it appears the Warriors are starting to hit their stride and so is Stephen Curry. The two-time MVP point guard has been making shots at a ridiculous rate and is looking like the point guard that we have all come to expect. February could be the month for him to help the Warriors cement the best record in the league.

While there will be an All-Star Break in the middle, four Warriors will get their chance to shine in New Orleans. Steve Kerr will help lead the Western Conference and will get to have fun mixing his players with the other best players in the league.

The San Antonio Spurs were right on the heels of the Warriors for a while in January, but some bad losses have dropped them back a bit. They’re still second and the Houston Rockets own the third spot in the conference with the ailing Los Angeles Clippers behind them. Here’s a complete look at the Western Conference.

Western Conference

  • 1. Golden State Warriors: 42-7
  • 2. San Antonio Spurs: 37-11
  • 3. Houston Rockets: 36-16
  • 4. Los Angeles Clippers: 31-18
  • 5. Utah Jazz: 31-19
  • 6. Memphis Grizzlies: 30-21
  • 7. Oklahoma City Thunder: 28-22
  • 8. Portland Trail Blazers: 22-28
  • 9. Denver Nuggets: 21-27
  • 10. Sacramento Kings: 19-30
  • 11. Dallas Mavericks: 19-30
  • 12. Minnesota Timberwolves: 19-30
  • 13. New Orleans Pelicans: 19-31
  • 14. Los Angeles Lakers: 17-34
  • 15. Phoenix Suns: 15-34

In the Eastern Conference, it’s up for anyone to take. The Cleveland Cavaliers had a losing record in January and things clearly aren’t right with them right now. LeBron James isn’t happy with the makeup of the roster and it appears that some moves could be around the corner for them.

The Boston Celtics are on the rise and have taken over second place in the Eastern Conference. A roster full of talent under Brad Stevens is out to prove they can be the ones to make the NBA Finals this year. The Toronto Raptors have suffered some bad losses too and are trying to hold in a tight race in the conference.

It wouldn’t be surprising if by the end of February, the conference is turned upside down behind Cleveland. There’s that much parity right now and James will have to get the Cavaliers right. Here’s a complete look at the Eastern Conference.

Eastern Conference

  • 1. Cleveland Cavaliers: 33-15
  • 2. Boston Celtics: 31-18
  • 3. Toronto Raptors: 30-20
  • 4. Washington Wizards: 28-20
  • 5. Atlanta Hawks: 28-21
  • 6. Indiana Pacers: 26-22
  • 7. Chicago Bulls: 25-25
  • 8. Charlotte Hornets: 23-27
  • 9. Detroit Pistons: 22-27
  • 10. Milwaukee Bucks: 21-27
  • 11. New York Knicks: 22-29
  • 12. Miami Heat: 20-30
  • 13. Philadelphia 76ers: 18-30
  • 14. Orlando Magic: 19-32
  • 15. Brooklyn Nets: 9-40

The good news for Warriors fans is that it appears the team is going to keep rolling over everyone on their way to the best record once again. Another strong month and getting past the 50-win plateau by the end of the month would be a huge accomplishment.

It would pretty much force the Spurs to play perfect the rest of the way and put the race for the top seed over early. The Warriors are in a great spot right now and look like the team we have expected them to be.

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