NBA Rumors: Teams Interest Growing Richaun Holmes

As the NBA Trade Deadline approaches, NBA Rumors begin to strengthen in intensity and confirmation. NBA teams are now rumored to be very interested in Richaun Holmes

Center/power forward Richaun Holmes is any product of “The Process” that so many scoffed at in NBA circles. You see, Holmes was drafted in the second round of the 2015  Draft, a pick included when the 76ers traded Elfrid Payton to the Orlando Magic for Dario Saric and the restoration of their first round pick.

Richaun Holmes was the typical project prospect for the Philadelphia 76ers. A second round selection who was a combination of raw talent and huge upside.

His rookie season found him playing in 51 games. In his first year, he showed flashes on the defensive side of the ball. In fact, he arrived alongside center Jahlil Okafor specifically for his defensive prowess. Everyone expected the 76ers to focus on the back court, where the team had the strongest need. But the analytics minded 76ers saw the value of a versatile front court player who knows defense and can learn offense.

NBA Teams Catching On

Now it seems as though the rest of the NBA has caught up.

Holmes is showing remarkable promise. He now boasts both center and power forward positions on his resume.  In fact, he was mentored last season by former 76er Carl Landry, who no doubt encouraged Holmes to improve his three-point shot.  Holmes did so, and displayed strong game in summer league.

As the NBA deadline approaches, many teams seek to improve their rosters before the playoff run. There is small wonder teams are asking about Holmes. His is the least risk to a playoff hopeful team. They no doubt expect to fetch him for a second round draft pick value, and his salary cost is negligible.


Richaun Holmes

6-foot-10 245 pounds, Lockport, IL ★#22★

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The Philadelphia 76ers will likely not show much interest in dealing Holmes. He is the ideal player for the 76ers system: versatile enough to play multiple positions, strong enough to have huge upside both offensively and defensively. Despite the NBA rumors, I can only see the team fielding calls to attempt retargeting the team towards either Noel or Okafor.  Only a ridiculously high offer will persuade the 76ers to discuss trading Holmes with any interest.

But if Nerlens Noel expresses interest in remaining with the team at a mutually agreeable price, the 76ers may consider offers.

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