NBA Rumors: Kings may offer DeMarcus Cousins $200M or more extension this summer

DeMarcus Cousins will reportedly be offered a 200-plus million dollar extension by the Sacramento Kings this summer.

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has seen his name on the trading block a majority of the time this season. The 6’11” center is in his seventh season with the Kings, but has yet to take them to the promised land better known as the NBA Playoffs. Though the playoffs have been his shortcoming so far, this season he’s played the best basketball of his career.

His stat line goes as follows: 28.5 points, 10 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game.  Those numbers have powered the Kings into the eight spot in the Western Conference.  Also, it has gotten the Sacramento brass’ attention, with a 200 million dollar-plus extension for Cousins to sign this summer possibly pending.

The Kings, as you surely know by now, are openly desperate to bring their 10-season playoff drought to a halt. Those who know Sacramento best continue to say that, as long as the West’s No. 8 seed remains within the Kings’ sights, they’ll be increasingly reluctant to part with their All-Star ‎center.

But sources also say that the Kings, at season’s end, want to pitch Cousins on a long-term partnership in the summertime, knowing he’s going to be eligible in July for a Designated Player Extension that ‎could make him one of a handful of $200 million players league wide.

At this point in Cousins’ career, would it be wise to remain with Sacramento?  Granted, the Kings have been there with Cousins no matter his on and off-court misbehavior. They’ve also tried to surround Cousins with adequate talent. But trying and doing are two completely different beasts.

The best scenario for Cousins? Hold out for the team with better talent and that will give you the chance to compete for an NBA title. Because sometimes, loyalty and the amount of money given isn’t always the best route. Carmelo Anthony can attest to that.

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