NBA Rumors: Joel Embiid Tears Meniscus In Knee

NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid reportedly has a torn meniscus in his knee;

According to Derek Bodner, Joel Embiid has been diagnosed with a slight meniscus tear in his left knee. The good news is that he won’t require surgery.

The injury originally happened in a January 20th win over the Portland Trail Blazers, but was only initially reported as a left knee bruise.

It’s safe to say the injury is not nearly as serious as his past injuries, because Embiid can still do this at a Meek Mill concert.

Embiid has a history of being fragile. As a freshman at Kansas, he broke his right navicular bone in his foot that caused him to miss the NCAA tournament, and his entire rookie season in the NBA. After intense rehab and working his butt off to play in his second year, he re-broke the same bone in his foot, forcing him to miss yet another NBA season.

If I’m the Sixers, I’m resting Embiid until weeks after the All-Star break. Maybe even sit him out the rest of the season. He has proven to be the future of the entire league. He is a fan favorite not only in Philly, but nation wide across the NBA world. He has the NBA Rookie of the Year award essentially locked up and threw the key a billion miles away. No other rookie is coming close to having the type of impact Jojo does on his team.

Doesn’t it make sense to not put his future health in jeopardy? What they have in Embiid is pure gold. They have lost five of their last seven without him and their shot at stealing the 8 seed in the playoffs is all but over. What used to be a minutes restriction on Embiid will now change to a game or maybe even a season restriction.

It is far from panic time if you are a Sixers fan. remember your first overall pick in this years draft? This guy?

Ben Simmons is rumored to be ahead of schedule in his rehab process. He is now cleared to participate in pre game shoot around and will likely be available a couple of weeks after the All-Star break.

This 2016-17 season may seem like a tease to Philadelphia, but I see it more as a showcase. You just were able to witness the next big thing the league will see in Joel Embiid, and now you’re swapping him with a highly unique point-forward in Simmons. It is his turn to “wow” the Sixers fan base with his top-tier passing ability and get us talking about a future 76ers dynasty.

Although this injury seems like another bone-crushing loss (too soon?), it is going to serve as a blessing in disguise. The rebuild of Philadelphia is a very real thing and is coming at the perfect time. In five years or so, we may be talking about a different Eastern Conference powerhouse as the current King’s career comes to a glorious end. Now, more than ever, we need to Trust the Process.

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