NBA Rumors: Jahlil Okafor to Chicago Bulls Or Portland Trailblazers

NBA Rumors Link Philadelphia 76ers center Jahlil Okafor to the Chicago Bulls …or Portland Trailblazers

Per the current wave of NBA rumors, Philadelphia 76ers center Jahlil Okafor may have a home in the NBA this week.  Per the latest report from Keith Smith, Philadelphia 76ers center Jahlil Okafor is now the odds on favorite to be traded to the Chicago Bulls.

This rumor appears to be the real deal. The Philadelphia 76ers have been fielding interest for the offensively charged Okafor for a year.  In fact, recent reports had four teams in active negotiations for his services. Of the lot, Chicago (Okafor’s home town) made the most sense.

The news seemed to be imminent already, as teammates shook his hand after the Miami Heat game on February 11, 2017.

And his teammate/coach/mentor, Elton Brand, had this to say to him:

It appears to be a deal that is rapidly closing to a handshake. But the Portland Trailblazers have made some moves at the center position, which seems to have bolstered, not discouraged, their interest in Jahlil Okafor:

Until a contract is signed, it’s an open offer.  Will the Boston Celtics unload some of their draft picks in a back court heavy draft to bolster their front court?  Will the Portland Trailblazers cash in on their newly acquired draft picks in a deal with Philadelphia?

This situation is heating up. Stay tuned folks, and a surprise team could pop in as talks get closer.

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