NBA owners, players disagree on major issues

Unable to agree on a new collective bargaining agreement, the

NBA will lock out its players beginning at 12:01 a.m. EDT Friday.

The owners and players remained far apart on just about every major

issue, from salaries to the salary cap, revenues to revenue


Where they differed:

– Salaries: In their initial proposal in 2010, owners wanted to

reduce player salary costs by about $750 million annually. In their

most recent proposal, the league offered a 10-year deal in which

total player compensation would never dip below $2 billion annually

over the life of the deal, but players said that would be a pay cut

because they were paid more than $2.1 billion this season in

salaries and benefits.

Players had proposed reducing their salaries by $500 million

over five years, which Commissioner David Stern called a ”modest”


– Salary cap: In their initial proposal in 2010, the owners

called for a hard salary cap system. They switched to a ”flex”

cap, where each team would be targeted to spend $62 million, but

could exceed that through the use of various exceptions. But

players considered that a hard cap because there is an eventual

unspecified ceiling that can’t be exceeded.

– Division of revenues: Owners wanted a reduction in the

players’ guarantee of 57 percent of basketball revenues. Players

proposed 54.3 percent but said the league’s offer would have them

down to around 40 percent.

– Revenue sharing: Players said the league can address their

losses by enhanced revenue sharing among teams and argued that

should be part of a new CBA. Owners said there will be a more

robust revenue-sharing package but not until a new deal as they

would only be sharing losses under the current system.