These awesome NBA-themed state flags will make you stand at attention

Which NBA-themed state flag is your favorite?
Brett Davis/Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

If you like your state, your favorite NBA team and cool flags, then NBA Reddit had a treat for you earlier this week.

In the perfect marriage of state pride and sports fanaticism, a designer published fusion flags that combine the logos and color schemes of all 30 NBA teams with the state flag from where the team plays. 

Some weren’t too different from the original state flag (e.g. the Louisiana state flag already has a Pelican on it) and many use key design influences (e.g. the bear on each of the four California teams) from the state’s actual flag that make for a common theme.

Certain flags (like the New York Knicks flag or the Seattle Supersonics flag) are so cool that it’s almost heartbreaking you can’t purchase them in real life. Particularly, of course, that Sonics one.

To view the whole gallery, click here.

(h/t NBA Reddit)

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