NBA fines Wizards’ assistant coach for standing on the court during win over Knicks

The Wizards have been fined $15,000 because Sidney Lowe, one of their assistant coaches, was standing on the court and “potentially impacting game action” late in Washington’s 113-100 win at New York on Thursday. Lowe also was fined $5,000, in disciplinary action the NBA announced Friday evening.

Courtney Lee said he passed up a chance at a game-tying shot on the Knicks’ final offensive possession because Lowe was on the court nearby shouting out defensive instructions. The incident can be viewed here.

“I’m hearing ‘I got your help, I’m right here! I’m right here!’” Lee said afterward. “And to come to find out that it was their coach standing next to me saying that. I’m thinking that he’s a player so I drive and then try to make a play. I don’t know if the league should look into that or not, but if that’s a tactic and a defensive scheme, it worked, because I thought it was a player.

“Their coach was like two feet away from me.”

“I seen it live. He was on the court. They had six players on the court,” Carmelo Anthony told reporters.

The league’s Last Two Minute Report states that Lowe should have been assessed a technical foul for standing on the court. But that admission of guilt and the fines that were assessed will be the only consequences; the Wizards’ victory will remain in place.