Whoa baby: NBA players are bored

The offseason can be a magical time for professional athletes. Free from the grind of a long season, they get to relax and decompress. And that’s probably great.

But as any kid on summer break can tell you, the time off is awesome, but you start to get bored.

So that’s where we are with NBA players. They’ve been done playing for at least a month now, so it makes sense that last week Brian Scalabrine wrestled a dwarf dressed as a leprechaun. Oh, and Nate Robinson autographed a baby.

Scalabrine, the newly retired ex-Boston Celtics player, turned up at a minor-league baseball game in Massachusetts, where the idea was to have him play a game of musical chairs with some dwarfs. Well, it got heated and turned into a wrestling match that was photographed by a series of onlookers:

That was last week. This week free-agent guard Nate Robinson was hanging out at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, when someone asked him to sign a baby.

The NBA Summer League tweeted out the photo:

No more practice, no more playbooks, no more coaches’ dirty looks.