Miss Italy thinks Michael Jordan is the greatest…and also Italian

Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest basketball player to ever play. This is not an uncommon opinion to have, even among 18-year old beauty queens.

Alice Sabatini, who was recently named Miss Italy, didn't just say that Jordan was the greatest ever. That wouldn't really make waves, even if Italy is probably filled with Kobe Bryant fans.

No, Alice Sabatini took it a step further. 

Here's more from Chiarra Palazzo of The Guardian:

“Miss Sabatini was asked which Italian historical figure she most admired.

After a long pause the beauty queen replied: 'Michael Jordan, the greatest player in basketball history.' “

Miss Sabatini, who plays basketball in A2 (second division) in Italy, has a tattoo of the former NBA player's logo on her hip.

That's right: if you can't think of any great historical figures from the country you're supposed to represent, just look to your hip tattoo for answers. 

(h/t r/NBA)

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