Timberwolves owner speaks on Anthony Bennett trade rumors and Flip Saunders’ system

Anthony Bennett has played well for Team Canada during the FIBA Americas tournament, and because of that, the Wolves might finally find some suitors for his services in the trade market. But Wolves owner Glen Taylor says the opposite is what's true.

Here's the thing about Bennett: No one wanted him or his $5.8 million contract before. After two disappointing years to start his career, people weren't taking on that money for a guy who could be one of the final ones in your bench's rotation (if he could even make it that far up the reserve unit at all). But with Bennett's perceived improvement during summer international play, things have changed.

So, the Wolves want him now. But other teams might, too. If the third-year, 22 year old flops once again in the upcoming season, his value is going to fall back to what it was a few months ago. And if that's the case, the Wolves could lose him this summer for nothing, which is far worse than just receiving back a 2019 second-round pick for him this year.

Taylor didn't only talk about Bennett when he appeared on Darren Wolfson's ESPN1500 radio show. He also mentioned the interim change from Flip Saunders to Sam Mitchell at coach. And according to the owner, not much is changing.

We'll see exactly what that means once the season begins, but you have to imagine lots of improvisation and change will come the Wolves' way, as is true for many youthful, non-competitive teams still searching for an identity.

(h/t NBC Sports for the find)

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