Kevin Garnett called a weird timeout (VIDEO)

Kevin Garnett is known for his hustle and competitiveness. Any teammate he’s ever had will talk your ear off about the two traits you can find in one of the best players of all time. So, even during the preseason, he’s falling into the stands. That’s just what he does, even if he is almost 40 years old.

But over the weekend, KG’s hustle called for some weird body language. He got a steal right on the out-of-bounds line, and pointed to the ref to call a timeout, almost doing a half-Heisman pose. He then proceeded to fall into the stands.

That’d be all good and normal. Except it was odd. KG just froze there, and then kind of fell as if he were standing up.

I guess old guys just don’t have the balance of the youthful.

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