Wolves’ Andrew Wiggins nearly throws down 720-degree dunk

What you’re about to see will likely amaze you, even though Andrew Wiggins came up just short of his goal.

Midway through his afternoon workout, the Minnesota Timberwolves wing put his hops to the test, attempting a 720-degree dunk:

Of course, there were two things wrong with that slam. First, Wiggins doesn’t quite make it around for the full 720 degrees. To my eyes, his back is to the basket when he launches, and he’s facing the rim when he tries the dunk. That’s only 540 degrees, I’m pretty sure — unless he’s spinning so quickly that he pulled off a 900, Tony Hawk-style.

Then there’s the small detail of actually making the dunk, a level on which Wiggins fails. Still, it’s a pretty spectacular feat of athleticism. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try one for myself on the nearest basketball hoop.