Watch Bucks mascot troll Pats with ball-deflating video

In an increasingly natural and expected response to a sports controversy, Deflategate quickly brought on #Deflategate this week, with memes and trolling covering every corner of the Internet. But this one may top them all.

On Thursday night, just hours after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady followed head coach Bill Belichick in a Q&A session with the media that left the world with more questions than answers, the Milwaukee Bucks hosted the Utah Jazz.

And before the game, Bango, the Bucks’ mascot, did some fine tuning to the ball while having a little fun at the Pats’ expense:

With Milwaukee stumbling out of the gates en route to a 53-47 halftime deficit, Bango was doing his best NFL referee impression, giving the balls another check.

Whatever Bango did to the ball, it didn’t work. The Bucks fell 101-99.