Watch MJ get dunked on — thanks to Jeter’s Ice Bucket Challenge

It isn’t often that you see Michael Jordan on the receiving end of a dunk.

But thanks to Derek Jeter and the charity cause sweeping the Internet, His Airness was the one getting posterized on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Yankees captain Derek Jeter took the Ice Bucket Challenge, getting dunked then issuing the challenge to MJ. A day later, Jordan obliged. But ever the demanding perfectionist, Jordan added his own twist to his challenge.

The rules of the challenge are, once challenged, you either get dunked or you donate money to the ALS Association. But when you get challenged by Jordan, he challenges you to do "cash AND ice bucket."

As for the subjects of Jordan’s challenge, he took a few pages out of his personal history book. Enjoy:

Oh, and that poster shot?

As for the other celebrity challenged by Jeter, "Entourage" actor Kevin Connolly followed through, as well: