Report: Woman wants DNA test for MJ

Lawyers for a woman who says Michael Jordan is the father of her 16-year-old son asked a judge on Tuesday to order the basketball legend to immediately take a DNA test, according to a Reuters report.

Pamela Smith, 48, filed a paternity lawsuit against Jordan last month in hopes of receiving child support. Jordan, meanwhile, has denied that he is the father of the child and filed a counterclaim seeking sanctions against Smith for making false claims.

According to Jordan’s lawyers, Smith acknowledged in a divorce proceeding that her now ex-husband is the father of the child.

"It is unfortunate that well known figures are the target of these kind of claims," Jordan’s spokeswoman, Estee Portnoy, said in a statement.

But Smith’s attorney, Randy Kessler, said Tuesday that a saliva test will prove or disprove the paternity question, Reuters reports.

There was no immediate ruling from Fulton County Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob following a 20-minute hearing Tuesday, according to the report.

If Jordan is found to be the father and is ordered to pay child support, it would reportedly only be until the 16-year-old graduates from high school in about two years.