Now you can buy the No. 12 Bulls jersey Michael Jordan wore on Valentine’s Day

So, the NBA Store announced this on Valentine’s Day:

If your response is “Huh?”, here’s the history behind the No. 12 Michael Jordan jersey, and why it was released on Valentine’s Day:

Jordan wore the No. 12 jersey one time: Valentine’s Day 1990 at Orlando. Why? Someone snuck into the Chicago locker room and stole MJ’s No. 23. The only backup jersey the Bulls had was a No. 12 with no name on it. No matter: MJ threw it on and dropped 49 points on the Magic.

See? Tom Brady isn’t the only No. 12 who gets his jersey stolen.

But really, the NBA Store should’ve released a Terry Catledge throwback. The less-than-legendary Magic big man scored 34 points to lift Orlando to a 135-129 overtime win.