Magic Johnson trash talked Michael Jordan once and it did not go well

Back when Michael Jordan was the best basketball player alive, the punishment for talking trash in his general direction was never not swift and merciless. It goes down as arguably the worst mistake any professional athlete could ever make.

Making a recent appearance on "Jimmel Kimmel Live!," Magic Johnson says he didn’t talk trash all that much during his career…except for that one time he foolishly attempted to crawl underneath Jordan’s skin during a Dream Team scrimmage in 1992. The results were predictable (via CBS Sports):

While we’re on the subject of these two all-time greats, let’s take a look at how they matched up in head-to-head competition. According to Basketball-Reference, Jordan averaged 30.2 points in 13 games against Johnson’s Lakers. The Bulls won seven times. Johnson averaged 19.5 points and 11.3 assists on 52.2 percent shooting. Not bad!

But circling back to the moral of this story: Don’t talk to Michael Jordan. Ever. It’ll only end in tears.