There is no way this is actually Michael Jordan’s golf swing

Michael Jordan is a great many things: basketball’s greatest player ever; owner of the Charlotte Hornets; an entrepreneur non pareil; and, of course, one heck of a golfer.

The former Chicago Bulls great has a handicap in the low single digits — which makes this video purporting to show Jordan and his swing incredibly baffling:

GOAT sighting 👀

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That’s (allegedly) Jordan, courtesy of PGA Tour Wesley Bryan and the Bryan Bros. Instagram account. However, there is a catch (and not just in that awful, awful swing). You see, here’s footage of Jordan’s swing from an event in Lake Tahoe in 2012:

And here he is a few years prior to that with an iron in his hands:

It’s not the smoothest swing you’ll ever see, but Jordan’s attack in those two clips is quite a bit more fluid than in the first video. That leaves us with four possible conclusions:

– Jordan is trolling good friend Charles Barkley, who has one of the worst golf swings in history. This seems the likeliest explanation, as Jordan’s swing in that Instagram video is about as close as a real golfer could get to Barkley’s swing.

– Jordan is trolling us, knowing we’d run with this video. In that case, good show, MJ.

– Jordan is trying something new to shave a stroke or two off of his game.

– This is a Jordan impostor.

For Jordan’s sake, I really hope it’s not the third one.