Michael Jordan denies being a ‘hater of hip-hop’

On Wednesday, N.O.R.E. went on the RapRadar podcast and detailed the time Michael Jordan said "[expletive] rap" at a Def Jam Christmas party in 1999, declaring Jordan to be a "hater of hip-hop" unless Jay Z was the hip-hop in question. 

TMZ Sports caught up with Jordan’s rep Estee Portnoy on Thursday, and Portnoy flatly denied that accusatory label. Michael Jordan does not hate rap. In fact, Michael Jordan thinks rap is just fine.  

"MJ wasn’t at this party, doesn’t know N.O.R.E., and is a fan of ALL music," Portnoy said. "Drake is in his brand, and Nelly is a partner of his with the Charlotte Hornets."

Yeah but saying you’re a fan of "ALL music" isn’t saying that you’re a fan of rap, specifically. These references are fishy too. Aside from the confounding fact that Drake is a business partner, even people that don’t like rap like Drake. I guess Nelly’s fine, but he did make songs with both Tim McGraw and Florida Georgia Line.

I don’t know if I believe you, MJ. You might need more people.