Michael Jordan’s mansion is even cockier than he is (VIDEO)

Michael Jordan's attitude doesn't hold a candle to his mansion's.
NBA Photos/NBAE/Getty Images

Michael Jordan wants to sell you his mansion that’s located in the suburbs of Chicago, and he’s using a hype video to do it. The asking price? Meh, $15 million. No big deal. 

All you’re getting is a putting green, wine room, regulation-size basketball court that Jordan must’ve played on a bunch, full workout gym and movie theatre. Again, not a big deal.

But the real kicker here is that this house basically has a mind of its own. Watch the following video and you’ll see why Jordan loves it so much:

Nope, nothing to seeing here. Just a sassy-talking mansion still owned by the greatest basketball player who ever lived. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

(h/t: The Washington Post)

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