Reports: With Lowry in their sights, can Heat get Wade, Bosh to take cuts?

Will Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade be willing to take pay cuts to accommodate LeBron James and/or any other free agent?

Brian Spurlock

According to ESPN’s sources, the Heat are taking a keen interest in point guard Kyle Lowry, and they’re reportedly letting such free agents know they expect to have up to $12 million in salary cap room to spend on their services.

What — aside from a serious upgrade at point guard — would that mean exactly for Miami? Well, if the Heat plan to have $12 million to spend and also intend to acquiesce on reports that LeBron James is demanding a maximum contract worth about $20.7 million, it likely means that the other two members of Miami’s Big Three would be willing to take pretty big pay cuts.

As ESPN reports:

James, Wade and Bosh reportedly already have met to discuss how the future may or may not play out for them in South Beach. But while James apparently will seek the max, it’s unclear what Wade and Bosh would be willing to accept. According to John Canzano of The Oregonian, it wouldn’t be anywhere near $20 million:

But Yahoo! Sports!/FOX Sports 1 NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski says no final numbers have been solidified: