The Heat need to stop wearing their red jerseys immediately

Dwyane Wade probably lost whatever game this was just because of the jersey.
Steve Mitchell/Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Some people have too much time. Sometimes, though, too much time can be responsible for saving all of humanity.

This is not one of those times. But it is pretty darn entertaining.

Over at the site NBA Blogging, Asmir Pekmic broke down the Heat's success by each jersey they've worn over the last couple of years. Apparently, they don't do too well when they wear red:

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Record: 5-15 (.250) PPG: 89.5

OPPG: 94.8

Net Points: -5.3

Miami Heat used their alternative red jerseys in 20 games during the 105-game stretch and they are the unluckiest jerseys they have played in, according to the awful .250 winning percentage. Heat's offense was limited to under 90 points per game while their opponents beat them by 5.3 points on average.

Heat used these jerseys 7 times at home for 3-4 record and the other 13 games were on the road, where the Heat won only a single game and lost a dozen.

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