Did Heat offer Dwyane Wade less than $10 million per season?

Dwyane Wade and the Heat may be far apart on their contract talks.
Issac Baldizon/National Basketball Association

Last week, Dwyane Wade reportedly was open to joining a new team if the Miami Heat did not pay him what he wanted. It appears know we know why he reportedly held that stance.

In answering a question over Twitter, Miami Heat insider Ethan J. Skolnick of Bleacher Report said he believed the Heat’s recent contract offer to Wade was for less than $10 million.

Wade has made many financial sacrifices for the only team he has known, but that would really be pushing it. Wade’s sacrifices helped the Heat capture championships in 2012 and 2013. Most recently, he opted out of a contract last year that would have seen him make more than $20 million this season and north of $21 million next season. He then signed a two-year deal that pays him $15 million this past season.

Wade also has a $16 million player option for next season and the time the 33-year-old has to decide if he is going to exercise it passes by the day. He and the Heat have been negotiating an extension, but at the moment the two sides apparently are not close and Wade reportedly would consider leaving Miami if he isn’t offered a deal he feel he deserves.

Wade was drafted by the Heat in 2003 and played a big in part in all three of the team’s NBA championships. You would think his value to the Heat would be higher than it would be to any other team. However, at this stage in his career and with his injury history, you could see why Miami would be hesitant to offer much more than $10 million per season.

Would someone else offer Wade closer to what he makes now, leaving the Heat in a position to match? It’s possible. Would Wade take the offer and walk away from south Florida? It’s tough to picture Wade in another uniform, but we could be headed towards just that, and we know he loves the Chicago Bulls.

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