Metta World Peace runs for equal-opportunity offender with political tweets

It appears Metta World Peace has designs on politics. He does on his Twitter account, at least. 

The former NBA star dipped his toe into the political realm late on Tuesday, tweeting a picture of his face superimposed on President Barack Obama’s body in the Oval Office late on Tuesday. 

"I’m bipartisan," it declared: 

But what started on April Fools’ Day spilled well into Wednesday, as Metta’s initial post unspooled into a long wide-ranging ramble unleashing his political aspirations on his social media feed. 

Some of his platform ideas could be construed as offensive. But equal-opportunity offensive. 

In Metta’s world, all conflicts will be resolved by pillow fights: 

Harsh punishments would be meted out to hairline-raising stylists: 

And OJ will finally be free: 

So mark those ballots for World Peace: