Metta drops new song thanking parents, crediting their physical abuse

Even when he was still Ron Artest, Metta World Peace had solid connections in the music industry, like

David Livingston

While NBA teams are going crazy chasing after the likes of LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony, and players are crossing the country, in search of a big free-agent deal, Metta World Peace is spending his summer right where you think an aging NBA veteran nearing the end of his career would.

In the recording studio.

Metta, who released the album "My World" in 2006 when still going by the name Ron Artest (yes, the artist formerly known as Artest), announced on Twitter on Monday the release of a new song.

The song played on a Los Angeles-radio station during the Monday lunch hour.

The song, "Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad," sounds like it gives thanks to his parents for helping reach his successes in life. Well, maybe it does . . . but a thanks that not many could give like Metta.

In the song, he "credits" his parents’ physical abuse for preventing "Little Ron" from "turning into a monster" — or another Jeffrey Dahmer.

But in a later tweet, the man forward who played in only 29 games for the Knicks last season, promised more music this week, thought it doesn’t sound like it will be as upbeat:

And listen to "Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad" for yourself:

Metta World Peace – Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad